Online Dating Do's and Don'ts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating


  • Do: Add a recent profile picture of yourself that you deem flattering. This is your what potential mates will first see, so choose wisely.
  • Do: Eventually move the conversation to other means of communication (texting, email, etc.)
  • Do: Take it slow
  • Do: Add a little humor to the conversations.
  • Do: Keep it short.
  • Do: Be honest and share your interests; upload recent pictures of yourself that defines who you are and what you enjoy.
  • Do: Fully read a person’s profile; learn as  much as you can from their page and if they have provided links to any other social channels, find out more about them.


  • Don’t: Use older or cropped photos that look nothing like you or of you at the time. Don’t start off your relationship with a lie.
  • Don’t: Give out your personal information, home address until you have at least met the person and feel comfortable.
  • Don’t: Move to fast; it’s exciting to meet new people and feel a connection with someone. However, use your judgment and try not to jump into things too fast.
  • Don’t: Be crude or overstep your boundaries. It’s good to be humorous to break the ice, but taking things overboard can ruin any potential chance you have with your new friend.
  • Don’t: Go on and on about your past relationships and discuss any personal issues in the initial stages. It’s great to share interests and get to  know the person, but sharing any “baggage” you might have on the first date or in the first few conversations can be daunting.
  • Don’t: Make up stories and as mentioned above refrain from using older pictures just to impress.
  • Don’t: e-stalk. With all the social media sites out there it’s easy to stalk someone. Please refrain from stalking someone. Don’t be creepy.

 *Please report any suspicious activity to info@doctordate.com

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