Online Dating Safety

Online Dating Safety 101

Meet in a public place

online dating safetyWhen things start to get exciting the next step might be to meet your match in person. Make sure to plan a public meeting place preferably during the day. Just because you feel comfortable over the Internet or phone, doesn’t mean you can trust the person 100%. Be cautious. Be around people and have fun while keeping safe.

Be aware of married people

Believe it or not, married people join dating sites all of the time! It’s unfortunate that we have to caution against this, but it’s a fact. Try and ask questions and if they allude to having a family, try and find out more or move on. You don’t want to get involved with marital issues.

Be cautious with giving out information

Naturally, you will want to move the conversation from Doctor Date to the phone or personal email. For the initial conversation try using an anonymous phone service like Skype for messaging.

Tell a friend

Some people like to keep online dating under the radar. Tell at least one friend about your online dating membership. Especially if you’re going to meet your match in public, make sure to sell someone before you go.

Report any threats

For the safety of you and all other Doctor Date users, please report any harassment, threats you may encounter. We aim to keep Doctor Date a professional and safe environment for medical professionals. You’re input is greatly appreciated. Please contact info@doctordate.com for any issues.

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